About Us

Since 1996, PT Ralindo Chem Tech’s field of expertise is in supply chain market.

We started our journey as nationwide distributor for Aerospace Chemicals.

As the nation’s demand keeps on growing, our business follows.

We supply not only Chemicals for Aerospace, but also other range

of chemical products, spectacle frames and even precision tooling to Indonesia.

We support our clients only with efficient and dedicated service.

Chemical for Aerospace and Industries.

We are proud to serve Indonesia’s Airline Operators and

Military Receivable Order (MRO) since 1996.

Spectacle Frames

Established in 2010

We accommodate Eye Centers and Opticals in Indonesia

with wide range of Spectacle Frames based on

what each of their customer is looking for.

Precision Tooling

Established in 2015

We equip industries with

Precision Tooling

for Technical Perfection.

Why Ralindo Chem Tech?

Because Our Integrity Bring You Assurance


Listening to Customer

Our relationship with customer are family-like. We never hesitate to reach out each of our customer and figure out any obstacles together. We welcome any feedback from our customer to our company.


Fast Responses and Time Management

 When you reach Ralindo, we will always act in response. Fast responses and time management are two key things that we preserve. Everything you ask for will be handed just in time.


High Quality Products

Ralindo only select the best products for our customer. Before we hand it to you, we have ensured that each and every product is in its prime condition.



We love to collaborate and build a strong bond with our partner.