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In the aerospace industry the Ardrox® brand is worldwide acknowledged as the leading brand of cleaning technologies such as paint and scale removers, exterior aircraft cleaners, gas turbine engine compressor cleaners. The brand is also famously associated with materials for non-destructive testing, particularly its range of dye penetrants and magnetic inks, for finding surface defects. Paint strippers, corrosion inhibiting compounds and temporary protective compounds for both aircraft and aero engines in manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul rounds-off our broad portfolio.

No.CategoryProducts Code
1.Rust, Scale & Corrosion RemoversArdrox 185, Ardrox 185L, Ardrox 188, Ardrox 188 RFU, Ardrox 1074, Ardrox 1218, Ardrox 1250, Ardrox 1266, Ardrox 1435, Ardrox 1618, Ardrox 1630 RTU, Ardrox 1635, Ardrox 1854, Ardrox 1873A, Ardrox 295G, Ardrox 295GD, Oakite 31, Oakite 33, Oakite Deoxidizer 34L, Oakite Deoxidizer LNC, Oakite FM 103, Oakite FM 813, Oakite Rustripper, Oakite Super Rustripper.
2.Toilet CleanersArdrox 1820, Ardrox 1823
3.Paint Strippers - Application TypeArdrox 2106, Ardrox 2526, Ardrox 2814, Ardrox 2871, Ardrox 2872
4.Paint, Carbon & Rubber Removers - Immersion TypeArdrox 29, Ardrox 266, Ardrox 2204, Ardrox 2302,
Ardrox 2312, Ardrox 2320, Ardrox 677.
5.Corrosion Preventive CompoundsArdrox AV 8, Ardrox AV 15, Ardrox AV 25, Ardrox AV 30, Ardrox AV 35D, Ardrox AV 40, Ardrox AV 100D, Ardrox 311, Ardrox 398A, Ardrox 3140, Ardrox 3204, Ardrox 3705, Ardrox 396/1E8, Ardrox 3962, Ardrox 3965, Ardrox 3966, Ardrox 3968, Oakite X74-26A.
6.Corrosion Inhibiting Compund RemoversArdrox AV 980, Ardrox 5412, Ardrox 5528, Ardrox 5529, Ardrox 6076, Ardrox 6135(Thin), Ardrox 6135-CF.
7.Temporary Protective CoatingsArdrox 306-N, Ardrox 321-N, Ardrox 345-N.
8.Temporary Protective Coating RemoversAlkasol 27, Ardrox 6489A, Ardrox 7050W.
9.Solvent CleanersArdrox 161K, Ardrox 1064K, Ardrox 552, Ardrox 5412, Ardrox 5414, Ardrox 5502, Ardrox 5503, Ardrox 5504, Ardrox 5526, Ardrox 5528, Ardrox 5529, Ardrox 5575.
10.Interior CleanersArdrox 1820, Ardrox 1900B, Ardrox 1900D, Ardrox 6012, Ardrox 6076, Ardrox 6082, Ardrox 6427.
11.Exterior CleanersArdrox 1900B, Ardrox 1900D, Ardrox 245L, Ardrox 2410-B, Ardrox 6017, Ardrox 6023, Ardrox 6025, Ardrox 6025A, Ardrox 6077, Ardrox 6085(Aviawash Green Gel), Ardrox 6401, Ardrox 6405, Ardrox 6412, Ardrox 6440, Ardrox 6484A, Ardrox JC5(Formerly Oakite Fleetline JC 5), Pace B-82, Oakite Fleetline 204, Detergent Blend DP10.
12.In-Process & Primary CleanersArdrox 6025, Ardrox 6333, Ardrox 6333A, Ardrox 6333B, Ardrox 6376, Ardrox 6378A, Ardrox 6486, Ardrox Orthosil F2, Oakite 61B, Oakite 90, Oakite 160, Oakite 161, Oakite Aluminium Cleaner 164, Oakite Aluminium Cleaner 166, Oakite Aluminium Cleaner NST, Oakite LRS.
13.Gas Turbine Compressor CleanersArdrox 252L, Ardrox 6345, Ardrox 6345A, Ardrox 6367, Ardrox 6368, Ardrox 6375, Ardrox 6377
14.Magnetic Particle Inspection ProductsArdrox 800/3, Ardrox 8032, Ardrox 8501, Ardrox 8544, Ardrox 8901W, Ardrox 8903W, Ardrox Base Oil HF, SUPRAMOR 4 BLACK, LUMOR J POWDER, LUMOR J(W), LUMOR J40(W), LUMOR J(HF), WCP 712, MPI Diluent HF, Ferromor (ND5 Grey) (ND7 Red) (ND8 Yellow)
15.Penetrant Inspection PenetrantsArdrox 9VF2, Ardrox 907PB, Ardrox 996PB, CHEKMOR240, CHEKMOR300, Ardrox 970-P24E, Ardrox 970-P25E, Ardrox 970-P26E, Ardrox 9702, Ardrox 9703, Ardrox 9704, Ardrox 9705, Britemor 445, Britemore 4455, Britemor 446, Ardrox 9812, Ardrox 9813, Ardrox 9814, BRITEMOR 755, BRITEMOR 760, BRITEMOR 768.
16.Penetrant Inspection Cleaners / RemoversArdrox 9PR5, Ardrox 9PR50A, Ardrox 9PR70, Ardrox 9PR88, Ardrox 9881, Remover H92, Remover S76, Remover S80.
17.Penetrant Inspection DevelopersArdrox NQ1, Ardrox 9D1B, Ardrox 9D4A, LD7, PD3.
18.Penetrant Inspection Activated CarbonArdrox 942, Ardrox 945.
19.Aircraft SealantsNaftoseal MC110, Naftoseal MC115, Naftoseal MC216, Naftoseal MC236, Naftoseal MC238, Naftoseal MC630, Naftoseal MC650, Naftoseal MC770, Naftoseal MC780(Class A-C)
20.Tech Cool Metal Working LubricantsTECH COOL 35048, TECH CHOOL 35052.
21.Conversion CoatingsGardobond G4011, Gardobond G4098, Gardobond Z3400, Gardobond Z3680, Oakite Chromicoat L25, Oakite Cryscoat 547.

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